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Ancestral Farms

Acorn Finished Pork Bundle

Acorn Finished Pork Bundle

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Ancestral Farms: From Forest to Fork, Providing Quality Pork for a Meticulous Diet.


Premium Pork Bundle:

4 Iowa Chops (Approx >3lbs)
2lbs of smoked bacon
4lbs of fresh brats (16 brats total)
4lbs of ground pork

Indulge your senses in the ultimate carnivorous delight with our Ancestral Farms Acorn Finished Pork Bundle. Dive into the exquisite flavors of nature with our fresh, free-range bratwurst, ground pork, and succulent pork chops, each meticulously crafted from hogs raised in the lush embrace of the acorn forest. 


Acorn-finished pork is tastier and healthier. For decades, pork has been marketed as "the other white meat" due to extreme leanness of factory-farmed pork. Acorn-finished pork, on the other hand, is deep red and well marbled with fat.


Our smoked bacon, a perfect balance of smokiness and tenderness, completes this tantalizing ensemble. Savor the unrivaled taste of pork that comes from hogs nourished exclusively on natural forage and non-GMO grains, untouched by vaccines.


Elevate your culinary experience with our pork, where every bite tells the story of unparalleled quality and ethical sourcing. Unleash the wild, authentic essence of the forest, delivered right to your fork.

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