Our Story


Welcome to Ancestral Farms, where we are dedicated to delivering exceptional pork products to customers who value quality, transparency, and meticulous eating. Our farm, established in 2022, was born out of a deep desire to help individuals like one of the owners and his brother who developed an autoimmune disease, along with many others facing similar health challenges. Our primary goal is to offer a solution that allows our customers to focus on their lives without worrying about the food they consume.


Quality is paramount to us, and it is the primary benefit our customers seek from Ancestral Farms. We achieve this by raising Berkshire and Duroc purebred and hybrid hogs, carefully chosen for their exceptional meat quality. Our commitment to raising only Heritage breed hogs is just one of the things that sets us apart. These hogs roam freely in our forested areas, allowing them plenty of room to exhibit their natural behaviors while enjoying a diet rich in vegetation and vegetables that we cultivate specifically for them.


To maintain the highest standards, we refrain from using antibiotics or vaccines on our animals. We also only supplement their diet with non-GMO grains sourced from a heritage farm located less than 26 miles away from our hogs' forest. This approach guarantees that our hogs receive the highest nutrient value feed, and our customers receive pork of the utmost quality, providing them with the reassurance they desire.

Our tagline, "From Forest to Fork," encapsulates our commitment to the entire process of raising our hogs and delivering our products to our customers. By prioritizing the well-being of our hogs and creating an environment that allows them to live true to their essence, we achieve unparalleled marbling and flavor in our pork due to the optimal pH levels in the meat.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission, and we are proud to have received exceptional reviews for our pork, particularly our bacon. Our bacon holds its size, shape, and generates bold, tantalizing flavors that our customers have raved about. We are grateful for their recognition of our meticulous practices, which drive us to maintain the highest standards in everything we do.


At Ancestral Farms, we understand that raising hogs true to their essence not only benefits the animals but also ensures that we consistently provide the highest quality pork to our customers. Our commitment to the love of the animal and their well-being translates into food that exceeds expectations each and every time. Join us on this journey from the forest to the fork and experience the difference that Ancestral Farms brings to your table

Looking Ahead

As Ancestral Farms looks to the future, We remain steadfast in our dedication to redefining the relationship between food and health. We envision a world where everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions, can savor the exceptional taste of premium pork, knowing it was raised with care, compassion, and a profound understanding of their unique needs.